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How Good Parent Are You?

by olelekids Admin on February 02, 2019

Watching a child grow up is one of the greatest things that a parent can experience. Research shows that kids are much more likely to succeed in life and engage in less violent behavior when their parents are more involved. For example, in the Journal of Family Issues, steered by a Brown University sociologist Gregory Elliott, puts forward a theory that adolescents who believe they matter to their family tend to lean lesser towards violence against people around them. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to make sure that their young ones don’t feel left out when they’re growing up. Some of the ways in which parents can be more involved are:

  • Be a Cyborg: Parents who are up-to-date with all the activities in school tend to understand their child’s lifestyle better and turn into much cooler parents. Judy Neutron pulls it off like a pro. Asking them questions frequently, and yet subtly, about what is happening at school will make the child feel that their life is interesting enough to talk about. It will help you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and aid them in beating the demons — a heroic act in itself. The child will start loving the subjects they are good at and work hard on the subjects they are not. In the end, the results will play a major role in boosting your child’s confidence, encouraging them to work towards a better score. What will make matters easier is when parents are actively volunteering for school activities and are in constant touch with the teachers to have a better understanding of their kids’ behaviour.
  • Be Telepathic: Communication is the backbone of every relationship. It is impossible to sustain any relationship without effective communication. Where talking is one of the best ways to stay connected to your child, it is also important to understand your child’s silence and act accordingly. You need to open up and make your child feel that problems are a part of everyday life and one must go on. And when the child pours their heart out, it is very important to be sympathetic and understanding as any other kind of reaction may discourage kids from raising any kind of concern in the future.
  • Lounge Back: Kids love hanging out with their friends in general. It is even better when parents become their best friend. Taking your child to Science Fairs, Museums, Planetariums, etc., can help learning become fun, just like Dr Jhatkas fun experiments from motu and patlu can amaze your kids. Not every time will your child enjoy the fun-learning aspect. Sometimes you have to be the cooler one and let them be in charge of the day’s plan. Put on your hat and let the child take control. It can be as simple as going for a walk, to get ice cream, going to parks and movies, or going on vacation with your children. Such activities will allow you to know your kids much better and form an open and healthy relationship.
  • Be Empathetic: It is important to sympathise with your children and their problems. It is also more important to understand that your child might not share their deepest secrets with you, but will do with their friends. Because every Motu has a Patlu who has your child’s back. Hence, the only way to ensure that the friend is in your child’s best interest, is to know who they are hanging out with. Make an effort to know their friends on a personal level and befriend their parents to relate situations better. Such personalization is actually a great way to learn more about your own kids. Knowing their friends will also let parents know if their kids in the right company, therefore, telling apart a bully from true friends. Organizing sleepovers, picnics and birthday parties are many among the tricks to empathise with people in your child’s life.
  • Be Invisible: Sometimes it is important to make your child feel like an adult, where they get to don a cape and save the day. Parents need not stick around to aid when their child is capable enough of handling the situation. Hence, sometimes the child needs to be a Superhero. Exactly how Shiva being a child is ready to save the world always. Including his family, a child would love to feel helpful and be the saviour every once in a while.

Being a true Superhero means making your child feel like they can make the world a better place someday. There is no better person than you to help your child unearth their superpowers and conquer the odds in their own way.

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