What Makes Us Different? 

  •  We Accept Return Even After Washing & Wearing if Any Manufacturing Defect You Find
  •  We Buy Back Our Outfits and Offer You Great Deal - Till 5 Years of Your Purchase
  • We Offer FREE Repair for Our Outfits - Till 1 Year of Your Purchase
  • We Pay You Double If You Ever Receive Wrong Product Than What You Have Ordered
  •  We Refund Cash. Not the Store Credit or Exchange of Style. That too Guaranteed Within 48 Hours of Your Return Received.



Olele® Kids Clothings are compliant to various U.S. and international standards where we make sure the followings :No hazardous chemicals usage in the making of garments such as; lead, cadmium, nickel, phthalates, restricted dyes (Azo and disperse), pesticides, flame retardants, formaldehyde, etc.
  • No usage of flammable textiles 
  • No usage of any trims that can cause mechanical hazards such as; drawstrings, and sharp points and edges

That’s not the end. Besides our strict safety measures, Olele® promises for delivering you the outfits that you can be sure for :  
  1. Usage of Finest Quality Fabric Materials
  2. Ergonomic Design That Keeps Child Relax Always 
  3. Excellent Handcraft
  4. Made in SEDEX Audited Factory
  5. Usage of Oeko Tex Certified Material 
  6. No Toxic Color Used
  7. Pre-Shrinkage Checked
  8. No Color Bleeding
  9. Needle Detected Clothing 
  10. Above Average 27+ Quality Tests