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Olele takes great pride to be an extraordinary kids clothing brand for extraordinary customers by design and manufacture best of the best kids garments for your little one. We strongly believe that no company in this world can survive for longer period of time if their quality is not good. Hence we take quality control very strictly. We aim our customers to be relax while they purchase from OleleKids.com. Be it product quality, material quality, design details, fitment, customer service, return or refunds; we aim our customers to be happy with all aspects of our brand.  
Quality Beyond Excellence
For you, your child is first priority out of all you do! For us, it is our product! We understand how important it is when you purchase anything for your child. Understanding your commitment towards your child, we procure top graded quality fabrics and get it manufactured under brand’s own factory. It helps us to deliver the best quality and maintain the quality consistency season after season.

Don’t trust our words. Try risk free and make a COD purchase. If you do not find it “quality beyond excellence” get full refund without any question asked!
Indian Natural Fabrics Only
Kids have own way of living. They do not keep same posture what an adult use to have. Kids keep moving, jumping, playing and go direct to sun, dirt and dust. Keeping these things, we always choose natural fabrics like cotton, cotton jersey, organic, gauze and linen which gives them in good comfort.

Besides fabric, we always care of opening and closure of garments to ensure ultimate Comfort for your child.
Genuine Product Fair Price
Olele is a registered brand under Trade Mark Act 1999, Govt. of India and all our styles are the Intellectual Property of our brand. We’re the Original Design Manufacturer of all the product we sell and OleleKids.com is our official online webstore. Rest assured you purchase genuine products at the most fair price!
International Fashion Trends
We sell same outfit in more than one country beyond India; specially in USA and some other part of Europe. Our styles are hugely accepted also because we always keep right pace with global kids fashion trend and customers preference.

No style is made and launched randomly. Nowhere we dump with anything illogical in the name of style. At Olele, each outfit is curated out of lot of research and development. We do several rounds of prototyping, and take expert feedback of parents as well as stylists before launching to wearing our little fashionistas!
Happiness Guaranteed
Do you leave your child crying aside? Never! How can I leave you unhappy ever? Yes! We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with all aspect of our brand. Be it product, purchase experience and after purchase. Olele aim to make you happy with all aspect. Can’t believe it? Try with a purchase today!
Ethically Made In India
We’re the manufacturer of high ethics with ISO 9001:2015 and SEDEX certified factory. No child labor and fair wage policy are the top in practice. If you’re the one for whom “how a garment is made” is also important, then Olele is the perfect choice for you.

We are governed by strict code of conduct and our focus remain to build a better culture where we not only keep our customers happy but also keep our employees and suppliers happy.
Perfect Fitment Guarantee
A garment should not look good on model only. But on real customer as well. Hence for Indian child, we have developed very unique measurement in consultation with leading kidswear retailers like FirstCry.com and Hopscotch.in. This ensures that 90% of our customers finds our garments best fitted on their child. For rest of them, we mention the measurement of each style right with the product image and we request to have a look before making a purchase.
Telling Lies No Papa
Although we’re a kids clothing company, but we do not behave like a kid. We never make false promise to our customer regarding, order, product quality, deals and discount or anything where you should feel cheated. We nothing hide and keep all our customers very well informed. All our policies and business terms are well documented and clearly mentioned on the website and/or wherever possible. Olele believes in clear communication at all levels and with everyone. We better say NO than SORRY!