Buy Back

Olele’s Buy Back scheme is open to all parents, regardless of whether you made your purchase directly from our official web store ( or through any of our retailers, stockists, or marketplaces. Our primary goal is to fulfill our commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices. As a sustainable and ethical clothing brand, we encourage our customers to assist us in making Mother Earth greener and bring a smile on the face of parents who can’t afford first hand Olele® outfits for their child. By returning our clothing items to us instead of discarding them anywhere after usage, which could potentially contribute to landfills or other forms of pollution.

We kindly request our customers to return Olele® outfits to us so that we can either recycle them (if too damaged) or distribute them (if reusable) among needy children. Your participation in this initiative not only supports our ethical values but also contributes to a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion.

How It Works ?

Write us an email ( or fill the contact us form choosing the purpose - BUY BACK

We will approach you back and initiate the reverse pick up (if that facility is available for your given address). If reverse pick up is not possible, we may request you to kindly send the used outfits using your own courier.`After receiving the used outfit(s), we will issue you a BUY BACK COUPON which you can use to purchase a new outfit from our store. The value of the BUY BACK COUPON may vary depending on the condition of the used outfit you send to us.

After receiving the used outfit under the BUY BACK scheme, depending upon the condition we may send it to recycle or distribute among needy children.