“Fashioning a Greener Tomorrow with Olele®”

Olele® is committed to being a responsible business. We recognise the environmental and social impacts of our activity and always seek to manage them appropriately. We invest heavily in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our bit towards sustainable fashion is focused on making our impact in NINE core areas.Olele® outfits are made out of ethically sourced and sustainable materials. From the materials to production to the way our makers are treated,Olele® has been sustainable since day one.

  • Usage of Sustainable Fabric Only:

    Throughout our collection at OlelekidsR we use sustainable materials only. 98% of our collection is made using eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. We focus on Oeko Tex and Fair Trade Certified fabrics at large.

  • Smart Indigo for Denim Range:

    30 to 40% of our collection are in Denim fabrics. Being a sustainable clothing label, OleleR uses Smart Indigo Denims which is known for sustainability due to the fact that during washing, it uses 6 times reduced energy consumption, 10 times less carbon footprint and releases less chemically contaminated wastewater compared to conventional denims.

  • Handmade garments:

    Since OleleR outfits are made out of high quality materials and require an additional level of attention to detail, 90% of work in our outfits are made using hand. We also less rely on machines because focusing on handmade practice consumes less energy and avoids the machine emissions they create. On the other side of the token, hand-making creates more jobs as well.

  • Slow Fashion :

    Olele® does not promote fast fashion. We're not in the rat race of launching several designs and millions of quantities in cheap quality season after season. OleleR loves and promotes slow fashion and brings timeless outfits which can be worn by generation after generation. In order to support sustainable fashion, we encourage our customers to get their outfits repaired FREE of cost from us instead of buying new ones.

  • Recyclable Packaging Material:

    We use above 50 micron plastic clear bags for the packing of each outfit. Above 50 microns plastic clear bags can be recycled hence this is a sustainable option. Our plastic bags are carrying information where to sell it. It means if you store a good number of plastic bags, you can sell it to the company who buys for recycling purposes or you can sell it back to Olele® for recycling.

  • FSC Certified Paper Tages:

    We only purchase paper from sustainably managed forests for our tag and other stationary and strive for all consumer products available in our offices to be Fairtrade.

  • Usage of sustainable washingmethods:

    OleleR outfits carrying washing instructions where we focus on cold water. Cold water not only saves energy but also saves the color and shine of the

  • Employee Health Benefits:

    All the workers who are involved in the manufacturing Olele® outfits, are covered under ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation).

  • SEDEX Audited Factory:

    The factory where we get our outfits manufactured, is socially compliant and SEDEX audited which ensures No child & Bondage Labour as well as fair pay.